AgitArte is an organization of working class artists and cultural organizers who work at the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and ideology. Through a praxis of cultural solidarity, creative process and popular education, we initiate and facilitate arts and cultural projects with grassroots communities that contest U.S. cultural hegemony and propose alternatives to existing systems of oppression. We do this in our creative work by centering the experiences of oppressed people in resistance through  interdisciplinary storytelling/media, and in our mutual solidarity, through trainings, workshops and running a physical space for educational programming in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

AgitArte’s Swag Shop features artwork, clothing, stickers and publications created by AgitArte, Papel Machete and collaborating artists. Most of the artwork in the shop was first created as part of our cultural organizing and solidarity efforts, and the sales from these items go directly back into making that work happen.

Contact Yooree Losordo: [email protected] for support and questions about our swag shop.

Thank you for your support!